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Popular Desserts from Around The World

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Popular Desserts from Around The World

The desserts are some of the most popular foods all around the world and it is naturally to be so. They are sweet and they induce every person a state of happiness and well-being at the time they eat them. Therefore, here are some of the most popular desserts from around the world.

Probably the most popular dessert of all is the ice cream. It is a dessert that is loved by all nations, but not everybody knows that it was invented in ancient times, by the Romans. This is probably the reason the Italians produce one of the finest types of ice cream in the world. The Romans were preparing it with ice and fruit juices and nowadays there are unbelievable tastes, flavors and toppings of ice cream.

Speaking of Italia, we cannot overlook the tiramisu, which is a delightful dessert that is made from café cream with mascarpone and champagne biscuits. It is served cold and the taste is absolutely fabulous.

In America, one very popular dessert is the apple pie. There are plenty of different recipes and all of them include, obviously, apples as well as plenty of cinnamon, sugar and sometimes cream. It is delicious in every way. One more thing the Americans like for dessert are the doughnuts, which are sold at every corner of the street and they are prepared at home as well. They come in very different forms and have plenty of various toppings.

The French invented some delicious desserts and they are well known for their pastries. The majority of people who likes desserts agree that the French cuisine is the most delicious of all when it comes to sweet foods. They are the inventors of choux- a- la -crème, of the chocolate mousse as well as of the Crepes- Suzettes.

The British are mostly famous for their pies and puddings that have countless varieties. In addition to that, they are famous for their cookies, which are fantastic and you can cook them in myriads of ways.

Some of the most popular Spanish recipes comprise the profiteroles, the pears in wine as well as the Spanish pancakes. They enjoy the fruit in their desserts and many people think the Spanish as well as the Latin cuisine are fantastic.

As you can see, the desserts are much appreciated types of food and you can easily select the ones that you like from the numerous international options.